Leaving the rat race and moving someplace more livable to run your home based business on the internet?

It’s a wonderful idea… lots of people are leaving high priced real estate zones, taking the equity, moving to smaller towns buying an equally big house and putting the balance in savings to get them established in their new dream home.
But moving to this new paradise can be traumatic. In my experience, moving to a new real estate market can cost you money. If all you know about your relocation is what some agent tells you, you’re likely to get snookered because nobody feels too bad about ripping the “city slicker” (I’ve heard them talk about you after you went back home!) It may be smart before buying real estate to rent in your new paradise first.

Nationalrelocation.com offers people moving to their “paradise” the opportunity to avoid a fleecing. It offers you help in getting a feeling for the details of the local situation regarding that particular insurance, homeowners insurance, and even health insurance there.Moving? You may want to check it out.